Onslow County Partnership for Children:

We are a private non-profit agency that advocates and provides services for the healthy development of children, by building the strengths and capacities of families, care-giving professionals, and the communities in which they reside.

For Partners

Onslow County takes pride in its people—their ability to roll up their sleeves to get things done and to take the long view when it comes to strengthening the community.  So it comes as no surprise that the County continues to design and grow high-quality programs for children, and to ensure that a human infrastructure supports all the members of the community.

The creation of such an infrastructure is not a naturally occurring event. Institutions have to be put into place to ensure that there is adequate planning, that standards apply to all those who provide services, that there is a coherent approach to evaluation.  In addition, there must be a strong set of mechanisms for communicating across the community, and a central data repository.

It is only with the community’s full participation that children in the County will thrive, that the programs serving them and their families show significant long-term improvements for children.

  • Have an idea for a service or program?  Contact Sarah Cavaliere at sarah.cavaliere@onslowkids.org or call us at (910) 938-0336.
  • Want to update your business or organization's information in our database about community resources?  Contact Sara Cariaso at sara.cariaso@onslowkids.org or call us at (910) 938-0336.
  • Need data about children, families or the child care industry in Onslow County?  Contact Sarah Cavaliere at sarah.cavaliere@onslowkids.org or call us at (910) 938-0336.
  • Want to schedule a presentation about local services for children and families for your employees or clients? Contact Sara Cariaso at sara.cariaso@onslowkids.org.
  • Need help for your employees with finding/paying for child care, work-life balance, community resources, etc? Contact Krystal Jefferson at krystal.jefferson@onslowkids.org for more information about Child Care Works. 

Thank you to all of our community partners who make Onslow County a great place to call home.

When high quality child care is available and affordable to parents, parents are able to work.  Quality child care keeps Onslow County working.  Child Care Resource and Referral of the Onslow County Partnership for Children functions as a support to working parents and an advocate of affordable and accessible child care options for families in Onslow County.
Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) services are available to employers in Onslow County at no charge thanks to Smart Start funding and private donations.  CCR&R offers the following services to businesses in Onslow County:

  • On-site customized child care referrals
    We maintain a specialized database that allows us to provide highly customized referrals from over 200 options.  We can assist parents who need to find care during non-traditional hours, for multiple children, or in a specific area of town.  We maintain vacancy information for all licensed facilities in Onslow county.
  • Information about financial assistance to help pay child care expenses
    Many families qualify, and there is no waiting list for child care subsidy in Onslow County.
  • Free membership to the Child Care Resource & Referral Resource Center for employees
    Your employees can check out educational toys, materials, and parent resources at no charge from the CCR&R Resource Center. On-site parent resources. We can set up a small or large display of resources in a break room or other designated area on a scheduled day of your choosing.  Employees can utilize CCR&R services at will on breaks, lunch, or before or after a shift change.
  • Lunch ‘n’ Learn classes
    Choose from a variety of topics on issues such as maintaining a work/life balance, reducing stress at home, minimizing separation anxiety for children, planning peaceful bedtime routines, etc.
  • Publications for employees and patrons
    Publications such as brochures, the Onslow Kids newsletter, tip sheets and educational booklets are available for both employees and patrons.
  • New staff orientation services
    Information for new staff orientation packets and customized referrals for new or prospective employees are available.
  • Human Resources consultations
    Information about developing family friendly policies, strategies to reduce absenteeism of employees, and child care plans for continuity of operations during an emergency is available upon request.